Paths to Healing and Wholeness

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International Association for Near Death Studies, Inc. invites you to experience Paths to Healing and Wholeness

  • Promote disclosure, description and classification of the phenomena associated with NDEs and related experiences that demonstrate integration to health and wholeness.
  • Identify practices and insights that may help those in the healing professions (doctors, nurses, hospice, chaplains) to support NDErs and others with spiritually transformative experiences to achieve health and wholeness.
  • Compare and contrast insights about the aftereffects of near-death- related phenomena when viewed from the experiencer, scientific and/or spiritual perspectives.
  • Discuss recent research on near-death- related phenomena and associated experiences, with an emphasis on achieving health and wholeness.

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Mays states “NDEers almost always report that they have had a hyper-real experience that far outshines our ordinary, conscious experience—that they felt the NDE realm was their true home, permeated by unconditional love, and that they are no longer afraid to die.

Robert Mays, International Association for Near Death Studies, Inc.
  • Loss or the fear of death no longer looms
  • Feel more spiritual and easily engage in abstract thinking
  • Become more generous and charitable than ever before
  • Share in Expansive states of love
  • Rejection of previous limitations in life
  • Charismatic, a child-like sense of wonder and joy
  • Less stressed, more detached and objective

I’m quite sure that eventually, continuity of life will be as simple as the seasons… spring, summer, winter and, death, afterlife and rebirth.

Dr. Jim Kwako MD


WHAT NDE’s share with us about life….

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  • Near-death experiencers come to love and accept others without the usual attachments and conditions society expects. They perceive themselves as equally and fully loving of each and all, openly generous, excited about the potential and wonder of each person they see. Their desire is to be a conduit of universal love.
  • Most experiencers develop a sense of timelessness. They tend to "flow" with the natural shift of light and dark, and display a more heightened awareness of the present moment and the importance of being "in the now."
  • Life paradoxes begin to take on a sense of purpose and meaning, as forgiveness tends to replace former needs to criticize and condemn. Hard driving achievers and materialists can transform into easy-going philosophers; but, by the same token, those more relaxed or uncommitted before can become energetic "movers and shakers," determined to make a difference in the world."
  • One of the reasons life seems so different afterward is because the experiencer now has a basis of comparison unknown before. Familiar codes of conduct can lose relevance or disappear altogether as new interests take priority. Such a shift in reference points can lead to a childlike naiveté.
  • There's no denying that experiencers become quite intuitive afterward. Psychic displays can be commonplace, such as: out-of-body episodes, manifestation of "beings" met in near-death state, "remembering" the future, finishing another's sentence, "hearing" plants and animals "speak." A person's religious beliefs do not alter or prevent this amplification of faculties and stimuli. Yet, experiencers willing to learn how to control and refine these abilities, consider them beneficial.
  • The average near-death experiencer comes to regard him or herself as "an immortal soul currently resident within a material form so lessons can be learned while sojourning in the earth-plane." They now know they are not their body; many go on to embrace the theory of reincarnation.

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