Ann and the Angels Series 1
“Getting to know your Angels”

This is the Series of Ann & the Angels that started it all!

In Series 1 – “Getting to know your Angels,” you will learn all about angels – who they are, how they approach problem solving, how to best work with them, and a variety of techniques you can use to connect with your angels personally!

Whether you’ve been working with angels for years or are just beginning your spiritual journey, this series will open you up to receive massive amounts of love, inspiration, help, and guidance from the heavens! A gifted story teller, Ann will delight you with tales of her adventures with our heavenly helpers and stories from decades of guiding others to work with them.

You’ll learn simple techniques and enjoy wonderful examples that teach you how to receive help from your angels and create a deeply personal and lasting partnership with them. You’ll learn how to receive guidance both from the external world and via your own psychic radar. You’ll even be guided to channel your angels if you wish to explore the deeper levels of surrender to their love!

Ann explains how your angels are always with you, never leave you and are eagerly waiting for you to ask them for help. So jump into a reality in which heaven and earth unite in a blissful partnership and a dance of love! Join us for a 12-week journey with Ann & the Angels and start building your personal relationship with the heavens right now! Receive their love, grace, guidance, inspiration, healing, and humor… and as in the case of so many of our previous viewers, your life might just begin to shift in miraculous ways!


“I have enjoyed SERIES 1 so much. You do such a wonderful job in your videos. They are FULL of information that is easy to understand! Your stories, humor, examples and homework are wonderful! You have the perfect mix of all! You are just so graceful and loving in them and I enjoy your energy!”

“Ann, thank you so much for all you have done for me, for all of us in this series. I’m just stunned at being able to at least glimpse in, feel into these experiences that I always thought only others could do. What a gift you have given!!! So profoundly grateful!”

“These voices and pictures are so real – like I’m tuning in to a whole other realm that feels so real. And this has always been with me but I never tapped in like this.”

“I received a major healing. my angel rocked me in her arms, caressing my hair, comforting me. it’s the first comfort at this level I received for the grief since mom passed. it was truly blissful. Thank you Ann!”

“Wow, I felt all the Archangels differently and beautifully. Felt my own angel and cried through most of that, feeling a deep release and move towards self-forgiveness. Got the message to go through this hard time in my life and I’ll be astounded at the glory on the other side of it. Very powerful, deeply loving energy.”

“Thank you again Ann for being real, raw, authentic, truthful, powerful, and honest. You do it with humor, you do it with love, you do it in a way that allows me to laugh at myself and not to take myself seriously. It teaches me to not to be perfect and to be human.”

“I’ve had unexpected messages of appreciation – and last Thursday I joyfully received unexpected money!”

“I had a major miracle before class when I finally made time to sit still and asked angels to help me with pain I’ve had for 2 weeks… and next moment it was gone and is still gone! I sat, breathed and received!”

“I received a healing during the show!”

“I’m already approaching life in a new way.”