Ann and the Angels Series 2
“Abundance with the Angels”

In Series 2 – “Manifesting with the Angels,” Ann & the Angels teach you the basic vibrational laws of the universe for manifesting the things and situations you want, and then take you beyond that to a state of being that the angels call “Manifesting in the flow of Divine Grace” – a life in which you focus on happiness now and open to receiving even better than you could have asked for.

Most of you are aware of, and may even practice, the spiritual laws of manifestation. Yet we all have our stuck spots – those areas in life where we still feel challenged, less than wonderful, or desire so much more!

In this series, Ann and the Angels creator and host, Ann Albers, masterfully guides you through a step-by-step process to manifest your goals and dreams with the assistance of your heavenly helpers! She shares life-transforming examples and techniques that are simple, yet powerful. She gently guides you away from relying on the ego mind for manifestation and teaches you how the angels manifest by connecting with the internal compass in the heart.

“Manifesting with the Angels” is a great process of both unlearning, and learning, all of which leads you to profound and life changing relationship with your angels, and a new way to experience your journey as a human. Come join us in this 12-week journey and watch your dreams begin to come true!


“I just wanted to know that during the meditation after the program Wednesday night I felt a surge of energy right in my heart chakra. And I do NOT know what happened but I just cried the whole time the meditation was going on. I had asked my angels for some help with an issue of great importance. During the visualization I saw my angel and received a message that made my heart feel at peace. Thank you, Thank you my soul really needed this and boy was it powerful!”

“I’m having fun with this! Money manifested instantly!”

“I feel like a whole new language with the angels is forming for me. This is so incredible! It’s been an 8-9 year journey of learning, classes, workshops, books. For some many years I tried to understand discernment. Like “is this me thinking this, or did this thought float in from somewhere or someone else”. I am finally “letting go” and trusting the difference!”

“I have been trying to do everything with love and the universe is sending me so many wonderful “out of the blue gifts”

“Since I have been watching the show and/or connecting to the energy I seem to be getting this wave of happiness and joy that seems to flow threw me from the bottom up”

“I am so enjoying your manifesting series. I love your analogies and gift for sharing spiritual concepts that you apply to every day situations. It makes it very practical, male-friendly and humorous at times which is a great state to create from.”

“I had to have emergency dental care done and put out my financial need and low & behold it was my birthday & it’s the first time my family sent me money, and I received the exact amt. of my dental bill. Woo Hoo!”

“My car ended up in the ditch on the way to the ferry. In less than 10 mins the angels sent me an angel who pulled me out with a chain he had in his truck. So Lovely and I made the ferry too! Amaaazzing!”

“My angels have helped me patch up a friendship that has been in deep trouble the last three years!”

“The changes in perspective that these shows offer are so wondrous!”

“After starting to watch Ann and the Angels season 2 and doing your exercise, me and my family went on a beach vacation the first in six years and also a new roof on our house no kidding the Angels really worked with us on that one.”

“And, an incredible success story – One of our dear viewers wrote that she created over 80% reduction of a huge debt, and better yet a beautiful new way of looking at herself! So inspiring!”