Ann and the Angels Series 3
“Living in the Flow of Grace”

In Series 3 – “Living in the Flow of Grace,” you’ll learn to embrace a reality in which happiness is not dependent upon anything in the future, but can always be found right here and right now, a life in which possibilities you can’t even dream are offered to you, and a life in which you live in a harmonious dance with of creation.

Ann & the Angels teach you to bring your awareness into the present moment using a method that is so simple it doesn’t even required meditation! Once there, you’ll learn to tune into your internal guidance systems and connect with the Divine love that informs, guides, and inspires you every moment of your life. Go beyond the power of “being” present and embrace the power of “flowing” in each moment so you can live in a constant and steady stream of Divine Grace.

This is the material that Ann presented at conferences, which also featured speakers such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsh, Michael Beckwith, and many more.

The angels want you to enjoy a life filled with grace, ease, and a steady stream of miracles! Come join us in this 12-week journey with Ann & the Angels in which you’ll remember how life was meant to be lived!


“Fantastic! I am listening in every moment. Thank you so much for your wisdom Ann!”

“I can already “see” where this is going for me! I feel like I can already see it. It’s like I put it on fast forward and say the depth of my presence soar!!”

“Ann’s classes give me automatic angelic healing downloads. I can feel these energies while watching the video-on-demand versions too. This means the watching becomes an experience!”

“Oh my god Ann amazing things going on! Life is rockin! Thank you.”

“The silent presence has been amazing.”

“I feel recalibrated, renewed, re-aligned, re-loved.”

“Ann! Thank you so much! This is truly a life changing session to be studied and applied. Thank you for all this wonderful information!”

“I’m going to have to watch more than a couple of times. This is very powerful information. Thank you Ann.”

“I am so enjoying applying these priniciples in my daily life. You do such a great job of sharing it with us. I’m so grateful to you!”

“This testimonial had our hearts melting!”

“Oh Ann! Your Third Lesson on Living in the Flow of Grace has instantly and powerfully transformed my life. It was so easy and I am so thrilled! Thank you! I have tried to meditate in the past to get to that elusive “in the moment – all present – all powerful state” and I just did not have the patience or the years to practice it.”

“By following your directions and searching for beauty wherever I looked a 2 hour road trip through heavy mega city traffic and then wind swept traffic became a trip through heaven. I felt surrounded by this beautiful soft white cloud of love which was the snow storm. One couldn’t see beyond the second car in front for a lot of the trip, yet in this beautiful state of presence everything flowed and their was no danger because I seemed to be in tune with everything. In the last half hour when the snow had lifted as I looked for beauty everything around me shifted, the trees, the rocks, the very earth, the highway and street signs, brickwork….everywhere (because it was my intent to focus on beauty) I saw beauty.”

“My heart just opened and opened and opened. It was an incredible experience. And when I arrive it was if I had driven a couple of blocks and all afternoon the beauty just continued to unfold. Ann it was soooooooooo easy! and sooooo Divine. Thank you for this wonderful Key to Bliss and Joy and Peace! It is just so easy and so attainable for everyone. I think because you told the story of colour in the exercise room being what was beautiful for you I looked for colour and it was a powerful doorway to Heaven! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”