Ann and the Angels Series 4
“Magical Self Love”

In Series 4 – “Magical Self Love,” Ann & the Angels teach you how to embrace the magnificent truth of your being and how to live fully and joyously from that state of awareness. This material will change your life – how you see yourself, how you treat yourself, and how you relate to the world around you. You’ll be happier, more energetic, inspired, empowered, and authentic. Far from being selfish, true Self Love enables you to be the contribution the Divine intended you to be.

Learn how to stop identifying with the small self and embrace the magnificent being that you truly are. Learn how to honor all aspects of yourself – mind, body, spirit, and emotions – with the love, reverence, and respect that you deserve as a precious and unique part of creation! Learn to give up the need to please, be kind to yourself even when others aren’t, and allow yourself to be happy even when life doesn’t look as you wish. Learn to powerfully embrace the circumstances of your life and shift your mentality from victim to creator. Journey before birth and after death in powerful meditations that take you beyond the veil to connect with your true nature and reason for being.

The angels say the root of all our human problems is a misunderstanding about our true nature. True Self Love is the cure. Come join us in a 12-week journey with Ann & the Angels that will touch and transform every area of your life!


“Oh, Ann, this was great! So inspiring and uplifting! So rich with wisdom! So full of light and fun! Yeah, SELF LOVE!”

“I LOVE this Magical Self Love series you created! Thank you so much for putting this together for all of us.”

“I just signed a music publishing deal and I am walking on air! Go to my website to hear some of the songs! I’ve been watching all Ann’s shows and I am feeling so incredibly guided to the perfect actions that have led me to this very successful moment in my career…and in my life. I am tuned in and turned on to my divine mission – and people are getting it! Getting me! Because I am taking actions from a deeply inspired place. I love being connected with Ann every week – what a joy! There’s so much more to come!” – Roz Esposito

“I so LOVE each and every one of your sessions. In session three I had an experience during your beautiful mediation that helped me heal another part of my “programming” from this lifetime. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!”

“Thank you Ann! A totally awesome way to view our bodies. What a wonderful gift they are! Thank you for these important and powerful insights”

“I wanted to mention, that one of the reasons I love your Series so much is that it is a ‘week to week’ way of being accountable to myself, while walking through this process of removing the blocks of loving myself. Thank you Ann!”

“Wow … Being heavenly loved is quite the experience! Thank you Ann from the bottom of my heart for sharing!”

“I really loved that Ann! I felt this deep in my belly, my heart and mind. I feel this is just the beginning somehow…an opening perhaps! Thank you so much!”

“I’m in some kind of bliss and so grateful to you for these series, Ann. Such a wonder to see areas of change, of gratitude replacing fear, of anticipation in greeting each morning. Thank you so much!”

“Wow thank you for that! It (Episode 10) just moved a mountain for me! Oh Happy Day!!!”