Ann and the Angels Series 5
“A Romance of Life”

In Series 5 – “A Romance of Life,” Ann & the Angels teach you how to create a love affair with life! Too often we wait for external circumstances – the perfect person, the perfect job, etc. – before we allow ourselves to enjoy in a heavenly, loving experience of life right here and right now. In reality Love is everywhere! It is your birthright! It wants to reveal itself to you in every single area of your life… and it wants to rise up from within you to help you create deep, meaningful, loving connections, some that last for a moment and some that can last for a lifetime.

Using qualities present in human romance, Ann & the Angels re-interpret their spiritual essence and give you practical tips, tools, and techniques for allowing the love that lives within all creation to surface and transform your life. Learn how to open up and become more vulnerable, share your sweet side, and find the love in the present. Discover how desire is not the root of suffering but rather creates a more passionate experience of life. Learn to be more playful, and discover you hidden courage as you experience the power of the entire universe behind you! Allow yourself a sensual experience of life without guilt or shame, and discover the spiritual essence of sexuality that allows you to experience the “Oneness” and your unity with any aspect of creation. Embrace gratitude and generosity as a way of life.

The angels remind us that we were meant to live and abide in love! We were meant to experience the love of heaven while we are here on earth!

Come join us in a 12-week journey with Ann & the Angels where you’ll learn to reveal and feel the love that is longing to love you… and longing to love life through you!


“This one is worth watching again and again Ann! So much juicy stuff to take in…I cried when I let my love come thru me and speak…freedom! So thank you! :)”

“Ann, the show was fantastic! The tips were so much fun, and so profound, for all their simplicity. In the exercise on what I’d want to hear from a loved one, and then turning that on myself, I just started crying with how good that felt! Wow! Gotta do that several times a day, every day! So many great tips…. what a fabulous show.”

“A friend said I always seem so much more energized after these shows!”

“Oh, Ann, this was a GREAT show! The tips are just wonderful! So simple but so powerful!”

“I have been opening up this week and have had lots of laughs and sharing of joy. Thank you Ann for encouraging us. I love this way to be :)”

“As I did the things you talked about… I noticed a distinct energy change. I feel much more relaxed and learned something important about how to be present!”

“I have noticed how beautiful people’s eyes are this week. It feels like I’m making a brief but deep connection with them when I look into their eyes and smile and greet them.”

“From watching your show I was able to see the positives in my extreme situation.”

“Oh Ann! What a session! I am speechless! What a wonderful way to live on earth! In Heaven! Wow! This is life changing! Thank you!”

“I was deeply shifted when you explained about the good/bad split…Thank you so much…There is so much in your course I think people should have the opportunity to earn credits…”

“I love this Ann! I too am excited to practice this. I never saw it as you’ve described it here. This immediately makes me feel safe and deeply connected to others. I can see how this will continue to change my view of myself and this world.”

“Ann – I am so grateful for everything you’ve done for me personally and for you doing this show. You’ve helped more than you know.”

“In this course, I’ve learned to forgive my husband who moved out on my son & I. I actually thanked him for leaving me. This Series has been the most powerful Series for me. I have really come to love life so much and mostly myself. :)”

“Swimming in a big pool of love.:)”

“So, so awesome…I got such a huge insight about love and the origin of this depression I’m feeling! Cried all the way thru…so rich and so healing!”

“Ann, this series was so fantastic! Can’t even begin to list all the tools and tips from this that I’ve been putting into use almost daily. SO helpful! Thank you and your angels so much!”

“Once I accepted that the universe is conspiring for my highest joy and good, doors flew open!”

“The work here has shifted me greatly. An energy healer here noticed it and has been impressed!”

“This Series has been the most powerful Series for me. I have really come to love life so much and mostly myself.”

“I love this life Ann! … I am becoming more and more secure in myself and free and the world is opening up and responding. You have made a huge difference in my life. I love life now. I love being me!”