Ann and the Angels Series 6
“Abundance with the Angels”

In Series 6 – “Abundance with the Angels,” Ann & the Angels will completely change the way you experience and attract abundance into your life. Stop struggling to make money, create time, and earn your resources. Instead, enjoy a reality in which there is no lack, no limitation, and in which everything you want and need comes to you at the perfect time and in the perfect way. You may still work, but your work will be a labor of love. You’ll still think about money, but you’ll never have to worry about it again. You still have only twenty-four hours in a day, but you’ll be working with the angels who help you save time for what is truly important.

You’ll learn to embrace an entirely different reality in which you place more value on the “Currency of Love” than on traditional human currencies. Ann and the Angels guide you, easily and joyfully, in a step-by-step process that will allow you to luxuriate in an already abundant universe and an already abundant you! Once you tune into the abundance that is already present, right here and right now, watch the magic start to happen as your angels assist you in bringing an even greater reflection of your spiritual wealth into your material life!

This series is a paradigm shift for most of us, a series filled with “Ah ha” moments, which may forever change the way you live. Shift away from worrying about how to get what you want and need, and learn how loving your life allows even more than you might ask for to lovingly flow into your life.

We’ve learned to sacrifice our joy for the sake of survival. The angels say, “If you live for loving, you’ll love your living!” Come join us in a 12-week journey with Ann & the Angels in which you’ll learn to experience the heavenly, loving, and abundant reality that is your birthright!



“Ann…this is the most awesome series ever. I love this new way of appreciating and loving all challenges…they make it possible for me to be a new me! How revolutionary is that! Thank you Ann!”

“As part of a project I’m creating, wondering how it will come together, the angels downloaded this into my mind last night: Create your ebooks. Wow! And I already wrote the books! Today I found out how to create an ebook, for free, and now I’m half way through the first. These will be gifts for people who come to my website and more!”

“Firstly, I am so in love with your show. I know you put in a lot of work to make the material so succinct, digestible and enjoyable. It’s fantastic. I really appreciate it and I know many others do too!”

“This experience changed me at the deepest level. I myself felt pure love and gratitude for my own Being, being able to surrender to the Source and allowing it to flow and operate through me.”

“Well I watched the fourth episode of the abundance show. I did the meditation, holy cow, I swirled with energy.”

“I want to share with you that today one of my clients was guided to send me extra money, out of the blue.”

“These classes have helped me so much with insurance. Now everything is being covered!”

“Ann, your series are instilling new habits in me. I notice more quicklyl when my thoughts become negative, and I use the skills you have taught us to turn them around. It’s wonderful!”

“I wanted to share Ann, that since the Series began, I started a new Series of my own, doing what I do best with people. On the night of the first Session of my Series, I was not expecting the numbers of people that showed up…I did not have people confirmed in my numbers and didn’t have enough chairs to support everyone attending.”

“Bless you, Ann, and thank you for another awesome show! I received wonderful – and unexpected – guidance in the meditation. That was great!”

“Ann, this was a positively revelatory show for me. OMG, must watch this one 6 more times! Brilliant!”

“Wow! This was the best episode ever! Thank you Ann! Just shifted my whole idea of living in integrity! What a blessing you are for us!”