Ann and the Angels Series 7
“Diving Deeper – Exploring the Wonder of You”

In Series 7 – “Diving Deeper – 12 Weeks of Exploring the Wonder of You,” Ann & the Angels take you on a journey of self-awareness that once took initiates in the ancient mystery schools years to achieve! Now, even in the very first episode you begin to touch upon the deepest truth of your being – that love that lives within you, breathes life into you, and will shift and change your life into a dance of loving adventure if you simply surrender to it! It is time to stop seeking, and embrace the treasure that has been within you all along!

Travelling through layers of your being, you’ll learn to make friends with your ego, embrace your true colors, and to love and accept yourself as a human being. As a soul you’ll learn to identify the themes that have prevailed throughout your lifetimes. We’ll examine the ancient mystery of “no space / no time” in a way that is accessible, easy to understand, and very practical. In fact, we’ll take you on a journey back in time to release you from the effects of your past!

As you dive deeper into the wonderful experience of the Oneness, you’ll start to see yourself in all of creation. You learn to “borrow” strengths from nature or one another, share your light even remotely, and see even the darkest souls as teachers here to awaken greater love within you! We’ll work specifically with someone who has hurt you deeply to transform their energy within you, so as to free you from its effects on your life.

The energy in the studio was amazing as Ann slipped into Gaze energy frequently while teaching you to do the same. Using methods given to her by the angels, story telling, metaphor, and ten powerful meditations you will be guided into a reality in which you experience yourself as both human and Divine.