March 19th, we are live streaming 4 remote healing sessions with Cynthia.

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11:00 am PDT – Remote Healing live stream
12:00 pm PDT – Remote Healing live stream
2:00 pm PDT – Remote healing live stream
3:00 pm PDT – Remote healing live stream

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Who is Cynthia?

Known by many as a healer’s healer, Cynthia is passionate about teaching the importance of clearing unwanted energies. She has worked full time for over 15 years as a multi-dimensional healer on thousands of clients from around the world. Her devoted clients include medical doctors and celebrities.

“Cynthia Branchflower is an amazing healer and medium. The power and depth of her energy are well beyond anything I have felt channeled by anyone else. I have been privileged to witness many people experience healings that have set them free from ailments and changed their lives. Her healing abilities are powerful and profound and I highly recommend her to anyone who is open to receive a healing experience.” ~ JoAnne DeSilva, Usu/Karuna Reiki Master

“Thank you so much Cynthia! During the remote healing session I went into a deep space of oneness and felt the energy and joy running through my body. I saw bright white light around you to the point where I couldn’t see the iPad!” ~AngelAnn

“Cynthia worked with me by performing long distance healings after I was diagnosed with Bone Cancer, the most painful of all cancers. I asked her to help prepare me for the long trip to Brazil to see John of God and to help me with the pain which was getting worse every day. The outragous pain would leave me screaming. I had no idea how I would make it to Brazil to see John of God, a trip I had planned 4 times but could not make.
I live in Florida. Cynthia is in California. I called her, she said she would do a 20 minute healing after we hung up the phone and that I should become quiet where I was sitting or lying down. She would send me healing for 20 minutes.

We had done 2 healings by phone in this manner and I was comforted and had considerably less pain after the first healings. But the 3rd healing was truly remarkable. I felt a euphoria and peace I have never felt before. All pain was gone. I felt I had moved into another space and time, one that was altogether tranquil and calm. I was totally relaxed and had no fear; just the spacious sense of no time, no barriers, no constrictions. I was floating. The healing was so powerful that I was without pain for at least a week. Because she worked with me like this, I was able to get to see John of God who gave me two invisible operations.” ~Dr. M Cabak

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Cynthia in her own words

My name is Cynthia Branchflower. Yes, that is my real name—the name that I was born with. People often ask me if I am Native American, because of my name and the way that I look. I do have Sioux and Cherokee in my bloodline, but it is from my mother’s side of the family. I come from a very “gifted” family. My great, great grandmother was a Native American healer in Tennessee, back in the 1800s. My grandmother told me that people used to travel long distances to see her.

My parents are both professionals. My father is in aerospace and my mother is a retired nurse. My grandmother could see auras and spirits from the time she was a child. So could my uncle. My sister is a gifted intuitive.

I was born with the gift of spiritual healing. It’s not something that I learned or a technique that I use. I have always had energy coming out of my hands and feet. From my early 20s on, I prayed on numerous occasions to be healed and was instantly healed.

So healers, psychics and spirit sightings were a normal part of life for me. We were brought up Catholic, but my mother always had an open mind about everything. In the terms used by the church, I have the gift of healing and the gift of second sight.

My children have also inherited gifts. My son sometimes accompanies me when I do group healing sessions and when I clear houses. He has the ability to channel healing energy, and he can see and hear the spirits.

Still, I didn’t know until a few years ago that I was meant to be a healer. In 2000, I took my mother to Brazil to the Casa de Dom Inacio to see a powerful healer who is known all over the world. His name is Joao Teixeira da Faria. He is a trance medium who has healed millions of people.

During our visit to Brazil, Joao asked me what I did for a living, and I told him that I was in sales at a university. Then he said (through an interpreter), “You are a tremendously powerful medium and healer, and that is what you are supposed to be doing.” I was very surprised.

On my second visit three months later, he said, “Don’t be afraid. We are with you always. We will heal through you in the United States. Come back to Brazil.” Each time I returned to Brazil the level of energy that I channeled was greatly increased. I am fully open now, and no longer return to Brazil.

I have a very strong faith in God and follow the guidance I am given on a daily basis. When I work on people, I pray for them to be healed. I just channel the energy and the spirits do the work. GOD heals.

Every couple of weeks the energy level that comes through me is increased. The higher the level of energy, the faster the healing works.

As I work on you, my guides tell me where to put my hands. They also give me information about you while I am working on you. If they ask me to tell you something, I will. Sometimes they don’t have any advice for you, so I will tell you that.