hugenot-alan-card-leftFriday: December 2, 10:45-12:00 pm MDT  Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot, Engr.Sc.D. is a semi-retired, Naval Architect & Marine Engineer, who often works as an expert witness in maritime cases. After surviving a Near-Death experience (NDE) in 1970 which occurred during a 12 hour coma, he has made a 45 year, scientific study of Consciousness Survival and Evidential Mediumship. The NDE “opened” his consciousness to intuitive communications, yet he struggled with society’s non-acceptance of the truth of the Near-Death experience.

He is fascinated with parapsychological science and the physics of consciousness, consciousness survival in an afterlife, mediumship, remote viewing, and out of body experiences. Trained in classical Newtonian physics, but having also experienced the phenomena of out-of-body consciousness, and consciousness survival in an afterlife he realizes that our materialist paradigm is an extremely restricted aperture for viewing the larger reality of the Conscious Universe, yet he also comprehends the skeptic’s perceptive difficulty that, “consciousness survival can never be observed unless the observer first infers that it could be possible”. He speaks several times each month at various conferences on the Death, Experience, Consciousness Survival and Mediumship Science throughout North America at local IONS and IANDS groups and at various Unity and Spiritualist churches and holds workshops on Evidential Mediumship.

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