Treat yourself to a musical adventure with The Brothers Koren, live streamed from the transformational power center, Meditation Mount, in Ojai California.

If you aren’t familiar with the Brothers Koren, they are a remarkably gifted musical duo who stepped away from the international spotlight performing with bands such as Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Pink and Rod Stewart to follow the calling of their hearts and unleash their musical talents in a way that would satisfy their souls.

Charming, passionate, and extraordinarily talented, the Brothers Koren are not only masters at releasing the music in their own souls, but they can also coax the music from within even the most musically timid.  Teachers, mentors, and collaborators, if you think you’ve got a song in you – and you do! – Isaac and Thorald will help you find it.

The Brothers Koren are delightful entertainers, keen to tap into the energetic flow of an audience and spin it into gold.   And don’t be surprised if there are appearances by guest musicians like oh, say Aykanna, Orpheo McCord, Shyla Ray and Rikka Zimmerman.  It’s going to be a soulful, rockin’ great time!  



The Brothers Koren
October 22  4:30 pm – 7:00 pm PDT
Live streaming tickets: $9.99




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