SIMPLE TIPS for successful live streaming:

With the switch to HTML 5 and the new live streaming protocols, if you can watch YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, you should have no issues live streaming or watching videos on streamingforthesoul.com.

If you have an older device running on an older version of Windows or OS X with older browsers, below are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood you’ll have a successful streaming experience.

  • Clear your browser history before you start streaming.
  • Update Flash so you are running the most current version of Flash possible on your computer.
  • Update your browser so you are running the most current version of your browser possible.
  • Do a shut down on your computer, then restart prior to streaming. This reloads Flash and clears out memory.
  • Stream with only 1 tab open on your browser, the tab you’re using to watch the stream. This insures there won’t be background scripts from other websites running on your computer.
  • Make sure you have sufficient Internet bandwidth to watch a stream. A symptom of insufficient bandwidth is seeing the spinning circle on the player screen, or the stream stopping and starting. You can check your bandwidth by going to speedtest.net.  You need a minimum of 5mbps of download speed to view streaming.
  • If you can plug in to your router rather than stream wireless, it’s more reliable, though not necessary.
  • Please sign in at your earliest convenience to make sure you’re able to get to the player page. You should have the link for the live stream player page on your My Account page which is where you’ll be directed after you sign in. Please don’t wait until the last minute!

Also – when signing in to streamingforthesoul.com, be sure you enter your log in information precisely. 99% of the log in issues we help with are from users copying and pasting, and they’re copying extra spaces before the text, or after the text. Be sure not to include any extra spaces if you’re copying your log in information from your confirmation email. The log in form reads spaces as characters, so you’ll have an invalid entry.

Q: I purchased new content but it is not showing up on “My Account” Page.

A: Make sure you signed in to your account.   If you don’t see your name in the upper left corner of the My Account, you’re not logged in. 

Also, make sure to click on your My Account page where it says:  “Click here to access your links”  This will open a window displaying your links.  

If you still don’t see a link to the new content you purchases, please log out and log back in, that will reset your account in the event your account is not auto-updated.  If you still don’t see a link on your “My Account” page after logging out and logging back in, contact us at: streamingforthesoul@gmail.com.

Q: Why don’t I see a sign in form on the Sign In page?

A: If you don’t see a sign in form when you go to the Sign In page, it’s because you’re already signed in. To get to your account page, click on “My Account” in the navigation bar.

Q: How do I watch the live streams or videos I purchased?

A: To watch live streams and videos, sign in and then go to your “My Account” page.  You will see links on the page to the live streams and videos you purchased.   Click on the link for the live stream or video you want to watch.

Q: Can the VODs on Streaming for the Soul be downloaded?

A: No, the VODs cannot be downloaded, they can only be viewed online on streamingforthesoul.com.

Q: I have an older computer running on an older operating system.  I know I need the latest versions of Flash and my browser for the best results live streaming. How can I check if I’m up to date?

A: To check if your browser and version of Flash are current, CLICK HERE