Enjoy the VOD of this live Q & A and LIVE CHANNELING
with Lee Carrol and KRYON


“2017: What’s. Going. On?!?

Recorded live in Los Angeles, January 2017
Includes a live Kryon channelling!!

Lee Carroll answers questions and examines the hot topics and concerns of today. Is this Lee or is it Kryon? He’ll answer that question, too. Candid and inspiring…

Length: 3 hours
Price: $40
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Here are the questions asked by our live audience in Los Angeles (in order).

How do we access/interact with The Field? ~
What is the consciousness of newborns and how can old souls help them? ~
Are Wild Cards really a good thing? ~
Do we have attachments or contracts? ~
What did Kryon mean when he said a child in the womb has perfect DNA and hasn’t measured the energy of the planet yet? ~
How will the new Administration affect Health Insurance? ~
How should Old Souls deal with their lack of self worth? ~
If the Pleiadians seeded other planets, have they ever started with low energy and 4 failures like ours – are we normal? ~
Is there a difference when I speak affirmations rather than think them – does repetition matter? ~
If we have free will, why do humans choose the negative? ~
Tell us about this new part of space we’re moving into and how it affects humanity? ~
What’s the best way to raise my vibrational level? ~
What’s the best treatment for Anxiety and depression? ~
How should humanity deal with Wild Cards, especially if they are harmful? ~
For years we’ve been told the world is getting better – how do we maintain hope without visible changes? ~
How can we prepare for the turmoil we’re entering? ~
How does the Kundalini movement of the earth affect the Kundalini movement in our bodies? ~
Tell us about healing with Color – can mental disorders be healed this way? ~
Hillary would have brought feminine/Masculine balance – what went wrong? ~
How can we mitigate over-population? ~
What can we do in local communities to bring more light and peace? ~
Does consciousness shifts affect dream activity? ~
Tell us about the numerology of 2017 ~
Why do I feel joy about our new president and so many others are angry and fearful? ~
Should we try to channel a specific entity or is meditation better? ~
Why has there been in increase in racism and will there be a resolution?

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