Lee Carroll & Kryon

Double Feature Video
Two Classic Lectures and a Kryon Channeling
Recorded Live in Burbank, CA


“Mysteries of Easter Island”

What do you think you know about Easter Island? You know, the little island off of Chile with all the funny little heads sticking out of the ground? Well, get ready for some revelations that go beyond anything you might get on Wikipedia or have heard from a tourist who was there.

First – did you know that those statues weigh up to five times the weight of the Egyptian stones used to build the great pyramid of Giza? So how did they move something that weighed so much with so few people and resources? Speaking of Giza in Egypt, did you know that there are recent discoveries that finally show how the pyramids were actually built? Ever heard of microgravimetry? It’s the name of the science that shows proofs of the construction of these mysterious wonders of the world. Lee will show it on this video.

There is more, much more, in this Video-on-Demand (VOD). Perhaps you saw Lee’s personal 30-minute presentation after he returned from his visit to Easter Island in 2014? This is where Lee first started speaking of what he got to see when a Rapa Nui Shaman became friends with the Kryon group on his tour. Since then, much more has been added to a give a compelling exposure of not only the secrets of Easter Island, but also how the pyramids of Egypt were built. Ever heard of the missing link? Is there any proof that there were civilizations before we were told humans got here? The answer to those questions are developed and are all part of this video.

What were the statues about on Easter Island, and why did they build them? Why do they all face inward to the island except for seven? What is the true lineage of the islanders? How might they actually be connected with Lemuria? What is their creation story? Did you know that almost everything that Lee discovered through the Shaman had been previously channelled by Kryon? He answers all of this.

But wait… there’s more.


“The 33 Miner Connection”

After a short break, Lee continues with another story that billions of people were exposed to in 2010: The rescue of the 33 miners in Chile. This was a world-wide event, watched by more people than saw the landing on the moon. Lee was actually in Chile at the time, felt the energy, and decided to take a group of people to the remote mine where it all happened. So in 2012, he went with two busses of Kryon tour members to this desolate desert area of Chile. What happened there led them to return again in 2013 and be greeted by four of the actual miners who were rescued! The group spent time with all of them, asking any question they wanted to. Why was the Kryon group singled out for something that no one else on the planet got to experience? Lee presents his story of the 33, and also some insights in the accuracy of the movie 33, staring Antonio Banderas. He got up-close and personal to the details of the situation.

A Question and Answer session follows with questions from the live audience about anything they wished to ask, and (of course), finally a KRYON channeling.

It’s a 3 hour, 27 minute video that is absolutely packed with good solid information, and revelations you may not get from anywhere else. There is so much, you might even want to see it twice!


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LENGTH: 3 hours 27 minutes

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