Join us for a Magical Live Streamed Weekend in Ojai
with Jeff Foster and Matt Licata


What would it be like…

… To finally break free from your prison of fear, shame and self-doubt, and truly feel ALIVE in the present moment?

… To end the exhausting and addictive Self-Improvement Project, the endless search for “the Next, Better Moment”, and rest in the timeless now?

… To no longer run away from your heartbreak, vulnerability, doubt, sadness, anger and confusion, and instead, love, honor and deeply embrace these very precious and natural parts of you?

… To stop trying to rework your past and control your future, and to know in a direct, experiential way, the Sacred and Divine Presence in you that was never broken, unworthy, unlovable, unhealed or unenlightened in the first place?

…. To walk the courageous path of an embodied spirituality which actually celebrates your human flaws and imperfections as expressions of Oneness, embraces your sensitivity and vulnerability as gifts, not weaknesses, and encourages your spontaneity, creativity, authenticity, humor and play?



Live from Magical Meditation Mount
in Ojai California

Meditation Mount still cropped

Matt and Jeff invite you to break free from the painful trance that there is something wrong with you; to dismantle the lie that you must shift, transform, heal, or become ‘spiritually enlightened’ in order to be worthy of a life of intimacy, connection, freedom and aliveness; and to wake up from the dream that you must “do life right” according to the second-hand beliefs of your families, politicians, gurus, spiritual teachers and so-called “experts” on the path of the heart.