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You’re here reading this because you were called.   You are a member of a small, but growing part of the population that is seeking to know itself.  

It may surprise you to know that:

  • You’re not your body.
  • You’re not your mind.
  • You’re not your thoughts or your emotions.
  • You’re not the sum total of your experiences.

So what are you then?

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This remarkable series created by Steven Sadleir is distilled from over thirty years of Steven’s personal experiences with masters, teachers, gurus and kahunas, resulting in a course that is a direct path to having more peace, more love, and more joy in your life.

• Would you like to know who you really are and your true life’s purpose?
• Would you like to feel more peaceful?
• Would you like to experience more love in your life?
• Would you like to feel your connection to the Divine more powerfully in your life?

The combination of Steven’s teaching skills and his achievement of his own enlightenment has resulted in a video series filled with simple and easy to learn practices that really work.  With each new episode, Steven masterfully guides you through the course, deepening your self knowledge, your understanding of your true purpose, and your connection with the Divine.

Hear what others have to say about this remarkable video series.

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Steven S. Sadleir was born to create this video series.  He began meditating at the age of five, and by age sixteen had begun an international journey to explore and understand the great religions of the world for his book, “Looking for God.”

The very down to earth and relatable Sadleir – having experience as a financial consultant and leadership trainer as well as having enjoyed the world of Southern California surfing for many years – has crafted a course derived from thousands of years of mystical wisdom that eludes being mired in esoteric jargon and instead is easily accessible, engaging, and extremely effective.

You’re ready to begin receiving the answers you seek.  That’s why you’re here…

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