OCTOBER 22, 2017 – The Brothers Koren
LIVE from Meditation Mount in Ojai, California

Join us for an evening of great music, great fun, and great surprises with this soulful duo, the Brothers Koren.  They’ve shared stages with Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Pink, and Rod Stewart, but walked away from record deals and playing big arenas to unleash their passion on music that satisfies their souls.   For more info and live streaming tickets, CLICK HERE

OCTOBER 28, 2017 – Voices of the Unheard – 2:00 pm PDT

Voices of the Unheard is Spirit Awakening’s annual performance of poetry, song, dance, and storytelling created by youth in the Los Angeles Juvenile Detention system, offering them a path to self discovery and giving the world a chance to understand them. 

Performed by the Rev. Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Hilary Swank, Debra Wilson, Frances Fisher and others.  This is a FREE live stream.   To watch, CLICK HERE

OCTOBER 29, 2017 – “Imagining the New Story”
Creative Meditation Tools and Practices  1:00 pm – 5:30 pm PDT

Meditation Mount Board President Michael Lindfield shares Creative Meditation Tools and Practices for “Imagining the New Story.”  Creative Meditation is a spiritual toolbox of reliable techniques and practices for shaping our dreams and aspirations and bringing them into manifestation.  For more information and live streaming tickets, CLICK HERE


JANUARY 13, 2018 – Lee and Friends – “Beginnings”
A Premiere live stream event with Lee Carroll and Gregg Braden

Join us for this maiden voyage of a talk show format show with Lee Carroll and his friend and colleague Gregg Braden.   This will be a candid conversation between friends about their remarkable experiences as messengers of new information in the new energy reality we’ve all been experiencing for the last 3 decades.  This is a FREE live stream event.  For more info and live streaming registration, CLICK HERE