Live Streaming Tech Requirements

Guidelines for a successful streaming experience

Being able to watch streaming events is fairly straight forward. Any reasonably current device – meaning 5 years old or less – from a smart phone, to a tablet, or a computer will be able view the live stream.

You’ll want to be sure you have a solid connection to the Internet, either via a WIFI or hardwired ethernet connection to the Internet, or with a phone or tablet connected to the cellular phone network.

As long as you have a minimum and stable 5mbps of download speed you will be able to watch the live stream. To check your connection speed, you can go to: and run a speed test.

If you can watch the video below, you should be able to live stream. If you’re unable to watch the video, or you have an older device, see the tips below the video player.

S3Bubble Example


If you have an older device running on an older version of Windows or OS X with older browsers, below are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood you’ll have a successful streaming experience. (NOTE: if you have a PC that is still using Internet Explorer, and you’re unable to view the video above, you may want to download Firefox or Chrome and use that as your browser.)

  • Clear your browser history before you start streaming.
  • Update Flash so you are running the most current version of Flash possible on your computer.
  • Update your browser so you are running the most current version of your browser possible.
  • Do a shut down on your computer, then restart prior to streaming. This reloads Flash and clears out memory.
  • Stream with only 1 tab open on your browser, the tab you’re using to watch the stream. This insures there won’t be background scripts from other websites running on your computer.
  • Make sure you have sufficient Internet bandwidth to watch a stream. A symptom of insufficient bandwidth is seeing the spinning circle on the player screen, or the stream stopping and starting. You can check your bandwidth by going to You need a minimum of 5mbps of download speed to view streaming.
  • If you can plug in to your router rather than stream wireless, it’s more reliable, though not necessary.

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