anthony-peter-cardSaturday: December 3, 9:00-10:00 pm MST  Peter Anthony crossed over on November 11, 1987 at 11:11 PM in the O. R. room from a ruptured intestinal lining. (11.11.1987 at 11:11 PM in room 11) due to medical complications. What Peter experienced on the other side is beyond belief. It is extraordinary. What Peter came back with is beyond belief.

Peter Anthony’s Near Death Experience in 1987, not only changed his personal and professional life, but changed him on many physical, emotional, and mental levels. Mr. Anthony’s once amazing gifts as a commercial artist vanished entirely, and was replaced with unusual psychic abilities. Peter’s new found abilities as a writer, paranormal psychic detective, and an expert in ancient Numerology, landed him on Fox’s hit show Sightings.

Peter’s new career, allowed him to travel to forgotten, unsolved murder cases, haunted cemeteries, and haunted caves, that were besieged by spirits that seemed to be stuck in parallel worlds. Peter’s sudden, overnight success, as a Ghost Chaser, prompted him to leave CBS News Division, and to become one of the countries youngest paranormal investigators. Peter Anthony’s career afforded him to appear on the Leeza Gibbons Show, Coast to Coast, with George Noorey, Borderline, Fact or Fiction, P.M. Magazine, as well as countless television and radio shows across the world.

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